Frequently Asked Questions


Bison Creations’ Work Process and What to Expect

How do you execute your digital marketing campaigns?

As expert full-service digital marketing agency, Bison Creations has a 6-step strategy for executing the digital marketing campaigns.


Our digital marketing consultant establishes a workable framework for in-depth understanding of the KPIs. These include:

  • Lead Generation and Conversion Rate
  • Sales Percentage
  • Monthly visits to monthly conversions
  • Average customer conversions in current website scenario
  • Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Average Lifetime Value
  • Growth objectives
  • Number of customers expected to grow or generate with respect to growth objectives

Our digital marketing consultant will ask questions such as:

  • Which milestones do you want to achieve and how do you define them?
  • What is your company’s expected growth in next 1 year, and next 5 years?
  • How do you define your current marketing problems? This includes digital and non-digital marketing.
  • What is your current target audience? Which more sectors of target audience do you want to reach?
  • Which digital or social media platform is the toughest for you currently?

Framework and Planning

In this step, our Research and Development department extracts the necessary data for planning and establishing a workable framework. The Research and Development department works on the following map.

  • Discovering the brand’s weaknesses and problems, as well as strengths and accomplishments, and seeking opportunities, building competitor’s data, etc.
  • Finding the top buyer’s persona and seeking where to approach them
  • Establishing content strategy for buyer’s persona
  • Establishing framework for organic and paid methods for content distribution
  • Framing premium content and its distribution channels for lead generation
  • Planning content for automating the sales and lead opportunities
  • Defining necessary metrics of measurement and establishing a route of how we will report these metrics
  • Distribution of responsibility within departments, meeting rhythms, follow-up action plan, etc.

Building the Foundation

We need to empower your digital platforms with effective foundation. We build this foundation by planning content and media for:

  • Email templates
  • Website optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Landing page templates
  • Sales page templates
  • Marketing automation funnel
  • Ad platforms
  • Digital marketing dashboard
  • Social media handles and online reputation management

Route and Engage Traffic

 From this step, we initiate the process of driving and engaging your audiences on digital and social platforms using different methods, such as email, paid traffic, content and search engine optimization, online public relation, social media public opinion, etc.


Apart from search engine optimization, we use critical analysis and reporting as well to maximize the results. We use different digital marketing platforms to achieve this goal, and these include conversion rate optimization, lead generation offer optimization, email optimization, reporting and metrics clarity, and ad performance optimization.


For businesses that want to establish online community, which is highly recommended, we include growth in the existing buyer’s persona. For businesses that want larger growth, we conduct research for new buyer’s persona as well.

Explain your new client onboarding process.

We ensure seamless client onboarding process.

  • Once the contract is finalized among digital marketing consultant and our new client, we send the contract to our CEO Abid Dharamsey, who signs the contract. The signed contract is then sent to the client for signing.
  • After receiving the signed document from the client, our accounts department contact within 48 hours to initiate the first payment.
  • Next, the reporting and developing team gets in touch with the client for first meeting. A detailed review is initiated and the process of research begins.

Will I have any access to the research reports?

At Bison Creations, we have an inhouse reporting tool. Once the research process is initiated, we give 100% and 24/7 access to our clients to access the updates and reports of the project. These reports also include generation of growth analytics graph that ensures that metrics do not gloss over the real numbers.

How often do I get project updates?

Apart from daily updates from our inhouse reporting tool, we also schedule weekly meetings with our clients. If the client requests any meeting in between, we make sure to come prepared.

How much should I keep for my digital marketing campaign?

As a rule of thumb, the budget for digital marketing campaign should be at least 5% of your sales revenue. However, it depends on your audience and project requirements also. We offer free dedicated accountant and sales personnel for our clients to help finalize the digital marketing budget. We have 3 types of project plans to choose as per your need. We also customize the project plan as per your need.

Social Media Marketing

  • What social media platforms do you work on?

We work on almost all popular social media platforms. These include FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Why should we hire you rather than managing social media handles ourselves?

Each social media platform has its own algorithm that makes marketing complicated. Since the user base is large, managing social media platforms and marketing within the defined limits by respect social media headquarters is difficult. As a social media marketing agency, we have expertise in managing social media accounts. We have seen the algorithms evolving and we can predict what works and what could fail.

Content Marketing and Email Marketing

  • What are your deliverables in terms of content marketing?

Certified by various platforms, including Google and Hubspot, we have a super capable inhouse team for content marketing. Our content marketing deliverables include blog content with 100% ownership, white papers, photo edits, infographic, webpages, executive interviews, video edits, video scripts, landing pages, sales pages, etc.

  • Do you have digital PR and linking strategy?

Yes. It is included as a part of our content marketing plan. From creating effective content to placing it right on the search engines, backlink profiling, competitor analysis, and directory submissions, we do it all.

  • What are your resources in conversion rate optimization?

We make sure that our content delivers and converts. We use Google Optimize and Crazy Egg to analyze conversion rate optimization.

Billing and Contract Terms and Conditions

  • How do I pay the fee?

Our fee payment method is divided on 3 installments. The first installment includes payment of 50% upfront, which is half refundable. This has to be paid before starting the research and development process. The second installment is paid upon the completion of half of the project. The second installment is 30% of the total payment. The final payment is 20%, which is made after we have handed over the project.
We have different payment methods including bank transfer, via cheque, and credit card. The credit card payments can be done for invoices less than $1000.

  • What if I want to cancel my request after paying any installment?

The cancellation request depends on how far the project has come. If the research and development process has not been started, we refund full 100% of the first installment. However, if the research process has started and you can already see the reports being generated, then contact your assigned strategist via email to devise a plan for you.

Should you have any more questions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer!