Privacy Policy


At Bison Creations, we take Google’s updated obligations for privacy policy seriously. We have devised our privacy policy to keep you informed about the data we take, store or use. Please read it alongside the Terms and Conditions for better understanding.
Your consent matters to us. By providing your personal information, you agree to our company policy of storage, maintenance and usage of it.
We keep our privacy policy updated as per Google’s requirements, and if any change is made, we send an update notification to all our website users. This is to ensure that our website users are updated with our current privacy policy. Once the privacy policy is updated, the old privacy policy becomes nullified.
The personal information we collect may include any of the following.

  • Name
  • Email address or social media addresses
  • Mailing or street addresses
  • Telephone number or any other contact detail provided to us
  • Age or profession
  • Credit card information
  • Information about personal circumstances
  • Information about personal business
  • Any information provided in the client’s survey, quiz or questionnaire
  • Device identity and type
  • IP address, page view statistic, geo-location, standard web log information, and advertising data
  • Third part information
  • Any other information that you provide via our website or online presence

Sources of Personal Information

We collect your personal information either through third parties or directly from you.

  • When you contact us through website and enter your personal information
  • When you get in touch with one of our digital marketing consultants through SMS, email, telephone, website forms, or social media platforms such as Twitter and FaceBook
  • When you sign up for investing in our business or purchase our products or render our services
  • Any information provided in the contract form

Your personal information is also collected when access our website or connect with us through social media platforms. We use web analytics tool, cookies, or any other relevant technology that defines our website usage and time spent on it. Cookies also provide us information about the different websites you use. If you don’t want us to collect information via cookies, you can disable the option of cookies from your browser settings, or you can also disagree to cookies when you open the website.

How we use your personal information?

We do not, by any means, sell your information to any third party. All the information provided to us or collected by web-based technologies is used solely for research purpose. We use this information for following.

  • To provide you updates about our services
  • To provide you information about our products
  • To better understand the customer experience and use this information for improving our products and services
  • To send you promotional information or marketing messages through direct marketing. However, we make sure that we do not send any spam messages to you and all our emails and messages are under legal direct marketing obligations
  • Notices, alerts, notifications, security updates, and any other administrative information is sent using your personal information
  • To consider your profiles for recruitment purpose if applied by you

We make sure to take all reasonable steps for keeping your personal information safe and secure with us.
Other websites may link to our website. We are not responsible for any such links. We advise our website users to avoid clicking on any fishy links. We do not guarantee security of your personal and private information through these links.
If you wish to change your personal information on our website, or in the contract, you can get in touch with us through the Contact Us page. For users that have subscribed to our website or newsletter or any other media, or those who have registered on our website, can request change in information via the Contact Us page or login to your account to edit the information.
For any complaints about your personal information, you can send us an email, or contact via the Contact Us Page. Make sure to enter “urgent” in the subject so that we can handle your request at earliest.
For any other request regarding privacy policy or personal information, contact us at