Terms Of Service


Bison Creations has mapped out the terms and conditions for your convenience. It is requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before using our site. This is an Agreement of the Terms and Conditions. By using our site or accessing any information or media published here, you become legally bound to this agreement. If you do not want to agree to the Terms and Conditions, then we recommend you to not use the site or access the services, information or media published here.
Where mentioned “services” or “the services”, it refers to the services provided by Bison Creations, or company, our website, or the client.

Project Revisions during Process

By using our service, the client agrees to send feedback for any revisions within 3 days of submission for approval by our company.

  • Bison Creations has a strategy of daily updates and reporting, and weekly meetings. If the client does not reply in 1 week of submission for approval, neither appears in the meeting, then Bison Creations has a right to put processing and execution of that project on withhold.
  • Once withheld, the project can be proceeded only after client’s approval.
  • If the client does not respond for 3 months, the project will be sent on hold until any response. If the client does not respond for 6 months, Bison Creations becomes the legal owner of all the production.
  • Submitted fee can be refunded only after approval from the assigned representative to the client. However, the final approval of CEO Abid Dharamsey is necessary for any refund.

Additional Work Post Contract

  • Once the contract is signed by the client and CEO Abid Dharamsey, the final rate would be fixed for final contract only.
  • Any additional work requests will be treated at hourly rate. Bigger projects can be compensated with additional services.

Guarantee Period

  • Bison Creations has a track record of project submissions within maximum 45 days. Smaller projects take up to 1 week. However, the guarantee period is 2 months. Bison Creations will compensate for any delay occurred due to company’s fault after 2 months.
  • This term does not apply for Premium Package with unlimited revisions.

Management of Google Adwords

  • Bison Creations will be legally bound to manage Google Adwords for monthly traffic generation and keyword-related services. Delayed payments can lead to suspended services.
  • By hiring Bison Creations for Google Adwords services, the client agrees to add Bison Creations as Admin of the current Adwords account.

Management of Facebook Ads Services

  • Bison Creations will be legally bound to manage Facebook ad accounts of the clients for generating more leads and engaging the users.
  • The client is legally bound to add Bison Creations as Admin of the current Facebook ad account.
  • All Facebook ad payments have to be processed from the client accounts.
  • Any delay in the payments can lead to suspension and blockage of the Facebook ad account, and Bison Creations does not hold responsibility for this.
  • We do not hold responsibility for reopening of the suspended accounts also.
  • These are monthly management services and must be treated as such.

Management of Search Engine Optimization

Bison Creations is legally bound to provide the client with recommended key phrases for search engine optimization and positioning the website on higher ranking pages. The clients must recognize that no refund in search engine optimization services will be offered if error in optimization or delayed work occurs without fault at company’s end.

  • The client must provide correct access logins to the website in terms of FTTPs, CMS, CPanel, or any other relevant logins. If the client does not provide correct logins or delays occur in providing the logins, then Bison Creations holds a right to provide them as a separate document to the client or the website’s developer.
  • Bison Creations agrees to rank the web page for recommended key phrases for minimum percentage on first page or the decided milestone. If the milestone is not met within the decided tenure, the company will continue search engine optimization services for the client until the milestone is met.
  • If the website was offline for some reason, the client provides access to another party that made changes, or a third party makes changes to the website that affects the rankings, then the term of free search engine optimization services does not apply.

Liability Limitations/Limitations of Liability

The company and its affiliates cannot be held liable for damages occurred as special, incidental, direct, indirect, consequential, or exemplary loss or theft of profits or data or purchase or use of services. We are not responsible for any intellectual property theft or loss of the published information, media or content we were not informed of or have been advised, and that falls under breach of contract.
Bison Creations and its affiliates cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect claims or guarantees provided by the client to someone or a third party that might be related to performance or results. Any breach of contract with respect to the use of services, credentials or details or to third parties will result in immediate suspension of services and funds withheld.

Force Majeure

Bison Creations and affiliates cannot be held responsible for any unseen or far from control occurrence of event, such as delay in telecommunication or internet service providers, failure in servers of the respective service provider, flood, war, lack or delay in civil service providers, third party software outrage, power supply deduction, delay in transport, delay or obstruction in distribution of goods or services, and such.

Change in Terms and Conditions

All changes in terms and conditions will be notified to the client. The clients can choose to review the change in services as per contract details, and stick with old terms or pick new terms. The client is bound to discuss the choice with assigned representative of the company. If required, the company holds a right to review the contract and offer changes.

Content Authority

All data in any form of media published on or through our website is the property of Bison Creations. All content published on client website, social media handles, and related digital forums is the property, and Bison Creations is not contributor or liable of the content after completion of the project.

Management of Campaign

Social media and other campaigns cannot be suspended by client within progress. The management fee has to be paid throughout the tenure as per milestone distribution. Fee cannot be held or suspended irrespective of the status of campaign.

Cancelation of Subscription

The client must notify the assigned representative prior to cancelation of subscription. The company holds a right to cancel the subscription at any time in the event of breach of contract, or other.

Third Party Assets

Links, media, ads, user comments, or any other third-party asset on the website or social media handles of the clients are not under the control of or linked to Bison Creations. User comments on social media handles and website will be responded as such under social media marketing strategy. If the services include third parties, then reproduction of any intellectual property, information, source code, or media is beyond Bison Creations’ control and thus, cannot be held accountable for this

Binding Effect

  • Any dispute or claim that enters the court will lead to temporary suspension of the project. Final decision is arbitrator’s only, and applies on all parties.
  • Bison Creations holds a right to suspend the project or takeover its assets if the decision goes against the client.
  • Any proprietary or confidential information regarding services, businesses or relevant must not be disclosed. Bison Creations and client, both are legally bound to keep the information secured.
  • Breach of this term will lead to immediate suspension of the contract, and if any intellectual property is made public, the case might be taken to the court too.

All parties involved in the contract are bound to abide by the relevant country law and general digital laws.


The client cannot offer employment to any employee of Bison Creations for a minimum of 12 months post completion of the project.
By continuing to the site, you agree to the abovementioned terms and conditions.